Thursday, October 2, 2008

I don't know why.

This here is one of my favorite images. I am not exactly sure why but...yeah.

Insane Depth

This is something you may never see again. a needle image to e+685. That is approximately 2,400 zooms in Fractal xTreme(which is what was used to make this) This image took about 57 hours total to complete.
A collection of images from my latest animation. I haven't got to the endpoint yet, but I estimate it's around e+135

Tendrils within Tendrils

A complex midget area with tendrils within the tendrils surrounding it.

Looks Alien to me.


Inspiration from other fractal program

I forget the program's name, but this image got it's inspiration from a sample image of it's.

Complex Midget2

Another one of my complex midgets. Look at that spiral system at the upper right hand corner. That is chaotic. generated using my custom software with midget outlining


I called this one barbs because the tendrils around the embedded julia set look like barbs.

Spiral in Center

A strange area with a spiral in the middle.

Odd Shape

An odd shape made from an embedded julia set. I may animate it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Similar Collection

A collection of images which I might be able to animate. All I need is the info.

Exponent 3

Complex software generated exponent 3 with midget outliner.

Complex Different

I have implemented the midget outliner into the Chaotic software.
Complex rendered in about an hour


This is the midget at the center of the image

Squinting Small

If you look close enough, you can see the midget at the center. The midget will be shown next post

Outliner 2

This is a more chaotic example of the outliner plugin in effect.

Midget Outliner

A test of a new coloring algorithm I have built in to Fractal xTreme via plugin. It outlines the midget in the image and corrects the colors accordingly.

Chaotic Mess

Fractal chaos at it's best. Deep, about e+89

Center of 2 Spirals

the center of 2 spirals meeting . deep zoom to come on

Impossible Mandelbrot Shape

I have no idea how I got to this image. It was created a ways back.

Complex Lines 2

Generated with custom software. Took about 2 hours. lines generated again


A line of similar shapes. Each main head has 2 more strings than the last one.


A zoomin to last post

Embedded Julia set

An embedded julia set

Complex Midget

A midget surrounded by complex chaos

19 spoke embedded julia

An embedded julia set in a 19 spoke area


Couldn't find a creative name for it.


A mandela alien image. took forever to render. animation expected 3 hours at 640 by 480

Complex Lines 1

A very complex image with doubling of strings many times. Took forever to render. New version of custom software generated this one. new depth limit to e+30, and better looking images


A trippy spiral shape covered in needles.e+60

Needle Julia2

 A closeup of the Needle Julia

Needle Julia

A julia set surrounded by needle details.

Form Closeup

This is a closeup of the Form picture.

Form Version 2

Form is the name of the famous image of mine. This is one version of it.

Form Version 1

Form is the name of the famous image of mine. This is one version of it.

Rare Deep Fractal Gem

A rare deep fractal Gem at e+78

Smooth Coloring

Nice Mandel midget outline.

Image from Youtube Video

A frame from Fractalwizz's latest deep zoom anim on youtube. rendered in high resolution

Nice Coloring

An anim using Triangular Distance Method.
Nice Colors

Lost Info part 3

Lost Info 3

Lost Info part 2

Lost Info part 2

Lost Info part 1

I lost the info to the zoom. But it looks awesome.



Nice Shape

Nice Shape.
What is the coolest fractal shape you have seen? post the URL in a comment.

First Video

My first video made with Ultra Fractal 5.
Deep zoom animations are tough with Ultra Fractal 5. They swirve off if not handled correctly. My tip is not to change the center coordinates. Just the zoom depth.


No discussion

Closeup on the midget

A closeup on the midget of the last image

Large Auto DE

Auto colored DE coloring algorithm. Might have an animation to this, but not at this resolution :^)