Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Wall

A big wall of a chasm(as I like to call it). Not very deep, but very complex and antialiased

How Did I Make This?

This is a high quality version of Variety6. Video of zoom with formula. Believe it or not, this whole thing is critical with mandelbrot midgets.


2 layers of fractal with different outside coloring. Makes for a trippy effect


An image from one of Michael Condron recreated with DE auto coloring


Critical on one side, perturbed on the other


Looks Like Pastels


How is this even possible? Custom Formula. Video with formula coming
















Blue distance in "Canyon"area(Area name Credited

Needle DE

A short depth needle zoom with the DE auto rainbow coloring. e+8 Till Next Post

Nice Coloring2

You have to admit, this picture is gorgeous. DE auto coloring, 49x antialiasing, and a genius. Till Next Post


I went insane with this one, but I still like it.(If I didn't, I wouldn't be posting it) ChaosPro, layering, masking, and one mad fractal artist. Crashes when put into ChaosPro :( Till Next Post

Cool Colors

49x antialiasing and deeper than it looks. e+24 Uses the DE auto coloring. I like how the embedded julia in the center is outlined like that. Till Next Post

Nice Julia Set Manipulation

One of my explorations into the Mandelbrot set using Fractal xTreme. Very deep, antialiased, golden. A zoom to it and beyond is rendered but I would just have to upload it. Till next post

Complex Tower

Made with Fractal xTreme. A very complex area with smoothened colors and antialiasing. e+12 Till Next Post

Sierpinski Gasket / Mandelbrot Set Hybrid

Custom formula in ChaosPro. This formula produces a set that has both the properties of the Sierpinski Gasket and the Mandelbrot Set. Animation to come. Formula available when video available. Till Next Post

Grape DE

I called it Grape DE because the midget looks like a squished grape and it uses the DE auto coloring. This image is at e+21, yet ChaosPro is only supposed to go to e+15. How is that possible? Custom renderer. I have written a custom renderer into ChaosPro that doubles the precision of the original renderer. Plus it is 20% faster than the old one. No animation. Till Nest Post(Dang, I did it again :^))

Blue Moon

This was created in the month of the Blue moon. (For those who don't know, a blue moon is the second new moon in one month) It just popped out and screamed the name. pretty cool. Till Next Post


HPDZ.NET had an image of Metaphase that really caught my eye. So I found that location myself and created this image. Made with Fractal xTreme. I forget the depth. Looks like an egg to me. Which reminds me, I'm hungry. Till Next Post


An early ChaosPro image. Uses a disk-like outside coloring. Got 19th place in the fractalforums spring contest. Rendered in insane resolution. Could animate soon. Till Nest Post(lol nest post :^))

First DE coloring

e+9 A branch-off  of another julia set. Used the DE auto coloring. This is where when you zoom, the colors follow you and when you get to a midget, it looks DE around it. Possible video. Till Next Post

Distance Estimator

This was one of the first images rendered in ChaosPro 3.3. It is a needle image with distance estimator. It is also 49x antialiased. The colors stand out when in the high resolution of the image. Have made a video to it and beyond. It's on a video about different DE variations. It's on youtube if you want to see it. Till Next Post

Pink or Purple

This is an older image made with Ultra Fractal 4.0.3. e+15

Chaos 1

This is a picture of a midget in a custom formula. This would be great to animate. Perhaps I will. This is pure madness, and no, it isn't layering. Till next Post

Antialiasing Extreme

This was created, again with ChaosPro. This image was very simple. I just found a complex area and picked an appropriate color. The tough part was getting the antialiasing to work. It was antialiased at 81x to produce a noiseless picture. Took way too long. Unless I have 5 hours to spare, no animation for it. Till next Post


This was generated using ChaosPro. First, I had a fractal in the background with lots of different colors. Then I added a layer of a zoom into the Mandelbrot set. I then put an outside coloring of the swirls and masked them. And this is the result. No animation because ChaosPro crashes.(Why is that?) Till next Post

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The midget in the Center

What happens when a fractal artist went crazy and had access to ChaosPro? This is what happened. This is an image where 5 different fractal locations were combined together with layering and masking effects. I like the midget in the center because it took all of the other picture's colors and made it usable for it. Computer crashes when trying to animate it, so you're out of luck on this one. Till next post

Very Old

This is my oldest fractal deep zoom picture. It was generated using a evaluation copy of Ultra Fractal 4.0.3. It is at a depth of about e+23(by the way, when referring to depth in a fractal, is it e+ or e-?) I like the way the colors turned out. It seems color simple at the edge of the set. I did have a deeper zoomin of this rendering, but... At that point in time, my computer crashed and lost the location. Hopefully, Ultra Fractal 5 can find this image and tell me where it was so I can make a video of it. Till next post.

Weird Julia Set

This image was created in ChaosPro. This is a warped julia set out of a custom formula. Further exploration made me realize that all of this is critical. Maybe a video would explain this more. 

White End

This image was created in Chaos Pro. This image was generated with the Cuberoot coloring. I also had to tweak the parameters to create that coloring. You are probably thinking that this took a while. It did. 36x antialiasing and tendrils within tendrils, it took about an hour to render at that resolution. A possibility of a video from this. I don't know yet. Till next post.

White Stag

It was created using Chaos Pro. I named it the White Stag because the mandelbrot boundary is white. This particular image was generated with a special distance estimator I have developed and also antialiased to 49x. It takes the final image and automatically puts it out in black and white. Was this what they looked like on old monitors. I guess not because they couldn't zoom in this far back in the 80's. A video will be available on youtube when I get the time